Covid changed the landscape of weddings forever, and what we're seeing more of now, is couples declaring their love in whatever way they want. This change has been so refreshing and enjoyable from a photographer's point of view, and it's also the reason why I've broken down my pricing into packages. 


I offer one full day package that can be built on to cater for your day: 

  • Pre-wedding Zooms
  • Coverage - from getting ready to dance floor
  • 500+ high res images, edited to create a consistent online gallery
  • 8 fine art prints
  • Travel covered up to 75 miles from BD17
  • A pre-wedding/engagement shoot is included (30+ images)

Second Photographer £250



All for £2400
The landscape of weddings has changed rapidly over the last few years, which is why my flexible price guide might be more suitable for your day...

5 hours cover - £1050

Hourly coverage - £300



My images will capture your story in a timeless, windswept way. Romance, details and play are my go to themes. Creating timeless couples portraits are my bag, as are candid shots that
pop up all day long!  

Good times create good imagery. To forge connection and capture it, it's knowing when to blend in and when to capture it unfolding. It's like a professional game of Hokey Cokey!    

Over the years, I've perfected the silent tiptoe combined with Bolt movement to cover area at speed! Missing something on the day isn't my bag.

What other stories do I tell?

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