Are you a lover, a dreamer, a shaker, a candlestick maker?!

“Everyone has a story to tell; something that's worth relaying to loved ones, or the masses. How we feel about someone or something, deserves a beautiful picture; one that mirrors our imaginations.”

& I live in Baildon, West Yorkshire with my family. I’m 40 this year and I regularly pinch myself at what’s happened to my life since I discovered photography! It’s been 7 years now and my passion for telling stories that prompt eye glaze, knee dips and head tilts is more effervescent than ever. I knew early on that capturing human stories on big days, and ordinary ones would light me up, and it does!

hey, I'M LAURA...

  • ‘Romance in the past’ period dramas!
  • Taking my camera to new places
  • A huge bag of Tesco cheesy balls!
  • Making plans over a glass of fizz in a hot tub preferably!
  • A colourful wardrobe full of sequins.
  • When my daughter asks to listen to Harry Styles!
  • Googlebox!
  • Pineapple on pizza.
  • Outrageous ‘people are staring’ laughter!
  • Beach stripes and barefoot trips!

  • Stray cables!
  • Role play exercises in the workplace!
  • Packing and the pressure of what to take.
  • The gore of 24 hours in A&E
  • Getting into a hammock.
  • Someone saying they’ve got something exciting to tell you but it can wait!
  • Waiting for an ultrasound when you’ve drunk a kilo of water!
  • Heels.
  • Birds with big beaks!

Things that please me…

Things that don't float
my boat...